Mista Mista website

Mista Mista website. (www.mista-mista.be) Credits: webdesign & characters by Gert Wastyn

Website Egamoo

Website Egamoo. A social network/dating website that sadly was discontiued. Nevertheless I really like what I did for them so it’s worth putting on my website. Credits: designs & illustrations by Gert Wastyn

Website Luke Slater

Flash website Luke Slater. (www.lukeslater.com) Credits: design & flash programming by Gert Wastyn

Clip Clash website

Clip Clash website (http://www.clipclash.com/). The new version with other colours is online now. Credits: design & all graphics by Gert Wastyn. All coding done by Eyescene inc.

Anger Management DJ Agency website

Website and Logo created for the Anger Management Dj angency. Credits: database and coding by Jo Giraerts // webdesign by Gert Wastyn